Package jdbm.helper

Miscelaneous utility classes and interfaces.


Interface Summary
CachePolicy CachePolicity is an abstraction for different cache policies.
CachePolicyListener Callback interface between CachePolicy and a Cache implementation to notify about cached object eviction.
Serializer Interface used to provide a serialization mechanism other than a class' normal serialization.

Class Summary
ByteArrayComparator Comparator for byte arrays.
ByteArraySerializer Serializer for byte arrays -- simple returns the byte array itself.
Conversion Miscelaneous conversion utility methods.
DefaultSerializer Default java serializer.
FastIterator Fast and simple iterator.
IntegerComparator Comparator for Integer objects.
IntegerSerializer Optimized serializer for integers.
LongComparator Comparator for java.lang.Long objects.
LongSerializer Optimized serializer for long integers.
MRU MRU - Most Recently Used cache policy.
ObjectBAComparator Comparator for objects which have been serialized into byte arrays.
Serialization Serialization-related utility methods.
SoftCache Wraps a deterministic cache policy with a Level-2 cache based on J2SE's soft references.
StringComparator Comparator for String objects.
Tuple Tuple consisting of a key-value pair.
TupleBrowser Browser to traverse a collection of tuples.

Exception Summary
CacheEvictionException Exception that occurs during eviction of an object in the cache.
IterationException Iteration exception.
WrappedRuntimeException A run-time exception that wraps another exception.

Package jdbm.helper Description

Miscelaneous utility classes and interfaces.

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