Welcome to the JDBM project


JDBM's development has moved to Github. Jan Kotek is working on a neat set of features under the name "JDBM3". If you want to pull the latest and greatest source code, or want to help him out, check here. This SourceForge project will stay as long as SourceForge allows for archival purposes.

JDBM is a transactional persistence engine for Java. It aims to be for Java what GDBM is for other languages (C/C++, Python, Perl, etc.): a fast, simple persistence engine. You can use it to store a mix of objects and BLOBs, and all updates are done in a transactionally safe manner. JDBM also provides scalable data structures, such as HTree and B+Tree, to support persistence of large object collections.

Download the latest version 1.0 (stable, released August 11th, 2005):

Here is the current documentation:

Here are two examples provided in the source distribution:

Many commercial and open-source projects are using JDBM. See JDBM Powered for a list of who's using JDBM.

Most interesting stuff for this project can be found at the SourceForge project page.